The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
A new line in bonds may get plaudits FANLETTERS
Bishop past it, woolly sort of Christian BAPTIST
Blackmail former lover not bothered about riot developing EXTORTION
Bloke getting hot in Panama, for example CHAP
Business located on river vessel LINER
Cutting teacher after vacation, with delight TRENCHANT
Disturbances may mean obligations TODOS
Draw a wagon back in case of theft ATTRACT
Found bearings to be rotten idea, strangely ORIENTATED
French food from person elected to be admitted by queen? CAMEMBERT
Gas meant he has to change METHANE
Gather there’s a mother ship AMASS
Intended to finish early to get tight MEAN
Lawyer in pants with the rear cut out BRIEF
Like a play on words intended to be voiced as retribution? PUNISHMENT
Nice cooking for a gourmet? HAUTECUISINE
Clues Answers
Notice the girl’s energy with son is gripping ADHERES
Part of lock that’s glass TUMBLER
River by motorway — point out that will get discharge EXEMPTION
Saw a daughter mature ADAGE
Skill of arranging flowers somewhat like bananas IKEBANA
Stock enclosures for writers PENS
Sucker pinching small brown horse MUSTANG
Talk absorbs one after collecting forest flowers GARDENIAS
That man wants the heart of one female HEN
Toothache must develop, consuming mostly cold drink HOTCHOCOLATE
Two-and-six regularly used to get you a dry bed WADI
Unique car put up on one stand INIMITABLE
University professor’s first true post UPRIGHT
Vote in the Spanish on European court ELECT
Yon feature — good for covering roof! THATCHING

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