The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
A very quiet dog, one showing signs of appreciation? APPROVER
Being converted, dies in fact as a saint? SANCTIFIED
Being leader, having to hide hesitation, prancing around SKIPPERING
Daughter, no girl to send back present from lover? DIAMOND
Defeated with leader going away worried EATEN
Doctor in the morning dealt with a turbulent episode DRAMA
Duck by stove — use this to make sauce for it? ORANGE
Famous Frenchman offering bizarre art I love VOLTAIRE
Female entertained by jovial males ALMA
French city that is besieged by heartless lads LYONS
Group joined by Italian criminal BANDIT
Hide in disgust — otherwise will get picked out DISTINGUISHED
Horrible haddock? Dine, getting upset inside FIENDISH
Clues Answers
King Lear starts to feel desperate, torn apart ALFRED
Material needed by worker and officer SERGEANT
Meet old boy being entertained by dad FOREGATHER
Notice road being dug up, one of two in place on a map? COORDINATE
Nurtured as British left-winger BRED
One in body covering good for sport SKIING
One who indicates what steps must be followed CHOREOGRAPHER
Politician in home counties joining international organisation, right? SENATOR
Raising of drink: Queen and Country NIGER
Skills shown by smart set ARTS
This person, outwardly dull, not a practical type? DREAMER
Worker was forced to conceal name HAND
Worry about place of disposal for firearm CARBINE

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