The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
Bird — canary perhaps captivating a collector in the garden PARAKEET
Broken trust in a person exposed NATURIST
Calorific food party lover eats that’s disgusting! DOUGHNUT
Cauldron primarily, cooker for witches COVEN
Check light for Ashes encounter, perhaps? TESTMATCH
Clever sting SMART
Dear me, article penned by communist is erudite WELLREAD
Don’t eat quickly FAST
Drawing done, else half finished PASTEL
Extra large mushroom MOREL
Generator country set up after disheartening day DYNAMO
Happy then, or poorly, youth’s beginning course of treatment HYPNOTHERAPY
If nothing else, most foolish? LEASTWISE
In protest, one ducks out of it STONED
Keep mum in school, right away MAINTAIN
Clues Answers
Leader of competition in plan due to fail, fourth or worse? UNPLACED
Listen in, as dope very briefly translated EAVESDROP
Look to the orchestra to accept the consequences? FACETHEMUSIC
Make listener listen, finally EARN
One granny and one friend, lifeless INANIMATE
Playwright is barely surviving, eating nothing initially IBSEN
Private rooms overlooking cathedral city, approximately LOOSELY
Problem rewritten in quotes QUESTION
Real duty abandoned, cheating ADULTERY
Romeo and friend get better RALLY
Seen from behind, a chap with a soft hat PANAMA
Sexy man I love gets workshop STUDIO
Short, a theatrical production DRAMA
Spring in well, filthy place FLEAPIT
Warm to a dirty home TOASTY

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