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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A clan involved in plot must be fair BALANCED
Afraid to cross river with evidence of injuries SCARRED
Appointed in the role of token journalist ASSIGNED
Article held in trust exceptionally for players out of form TRUANTS
Beginning to talk and walk like ducks? Nonsense! TWADDLE
Company taken in by cunning university official and cleric ARCHDEACON
Concludes dispatch moving leader to the Far East ENDS
Constant smells from these inlets? CREEKS
Desire must come before soldiers shine LUSTRE
Do nothing in fixing train fare from India TANDOORI
Doctor misses treacle MOLASSES
Earth-shattering volte-face? CHANGEOFHEART
Get the better of some, without doubt OUTDO
His old gran? She lost these investments SHAREHOLDINGS
Clues Answers
Local authority advice needing to be heard COUNCIL
One of the armed forces protected by American vessels URNS
Pad and copper ring used in climb CUSHION
Poorly rated exercises in bureaucracy REDTAPE
Professional bridge-builder who might make an impression? DENTALSURGEON
Racist son’s cooked breakfast in France? CROISSANTS
RADA, say, needs a friend with millions ACRONYM
Responsibility, but it’s our treat ONUS
Sarah prepared father escargots, but very tough ASHARDASNAILS
Shellfish for me really encapsulates it! ORMER
Something that makes you cry about sanctimonious belief OPINION
Son shed tears before a team is dismissed SWEPTASIDE
Type of degree offered by topless roles ARTS
Underwear with lace designed to be of limited size SMALLSCALE