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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
A page on pop, perhaps, is easy to understand APPARENT
Analytical essay -__it is on squid, I suspect DISQUISITION
Bad in first half of reel after square dance QUADRILLE
Bad thing, stick in cabaret NIGHTCLUB
Check on board earlier vessel SCHOONER
Completely unacceptable claim OUTRIGHT
Disease in grouse COMPLAINT
Feel bitter now having lost opener RESENT
Fell in dock MOOR
Firm reduced by half since company’s disaster FIASCO
Fix a drink entertaining a duke — cocktail required PINACOLADA
Followers reunite in resort RETINUE
Former partner, big enough for a model EXAMPLE
Fur, first of bargains in market SABLE
Go up for prize APPRECIATE
Clues Answers
Heads turned in shock STUN
Immediately make amends round about ATONCE
In block of flats, an actor returned for a card game CANASTA
In favour of action, daughter is moving ahead FORWARD
Noble actor is portrayed differently in painting ARISTOCRAT
Rags-to-riches story recalled in novel CINDERELLA
Reportedly picked up crowd controller for trial COURTMARTIAL
Research done, primarily, on most of magical beings DELVE
Scornful of son having organised raid on clubs SARDONIC
Sit with a revolutionary storyteller AESOP
Socially unacceptable foreign noun NONU
Surface cut short ahead CROPUP
Sweet fruit dip LEMONDROP
Turn back on monster OGRE
Type of poplar tree in a small enclosure ASPEN