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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Alternative to imperial guards leads to emperor’s overruling very fast METEORIC
Blubbery creature atop insect creates sticky stuff SEALANT
Dry head at intervals, having had shock treatment? DYED
Fellow barred from plane trips disembarks LIGHTS
Gorger and girl unfit, both disheartened with great weight GLUTTON
Ground in temple’s probed by minute gadgets IMPLEMENTS
Inconsiderate way, interrupting royal feasts regularly REGARDLESS
Last of cornflakes with mass of grains SAND
Might underwear widen on vacation? BRAWN
Not prepared to invest in dodgy vendor in debt OVERDRAWN
Overpowering, like a boss? HEADY
Piranha furiously eating hosiery efficiently dealt with outfit RANATIGHTSHIP
Receiving no good, after bust implant ENGRAFT
Recognised noble DISTINGUISHED
See old husband entering bar as means of evasion LOOPHOLE
Shade okay in animal enclosure PEAGREEN
Shock from thunderclap palpable APPAL
Shooter’s plot is crushed PISTOL
Southern, apparently subterranean, English city SUNDERLAND
Stationery salesman with a huff about retiring NOTEPAPER
Tasty-looking man we outright mauled MOUTHWATERING
Torturous clue one saw explained ELUCIDATED
Understand and become wise about topics GETTHEMESSAGE
US farmer phoned European in centre of Belgrade GRANGER
Washing up single-handedly, one might bear such a bloomer MARIGOLD
Way to cook small meal, starter of mussels STEAM
Wine overturned in hurly-burly RUBY
With father absconding, stops benefits USES