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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A large object in parliament ALTHING
Anger may be permissible in show PROVOKE
Celebrities greeting foremost of passengers leaving flying machine STARSHIP
Criminal hit back about it being unfair ABITTHICK
Daily, not as smutty? CLEANER
Drop brush SCRUB
Elderly and infirm agent wearing wrong ID, etc. DECREPIT
Everyone in theatrical performance is superficial SHALLOW
Former spouse, large in size, a model EXAMPLE
Fruit grew cool underneath ROSEHIP
Fury involving new cooking stove RANGE
Grouches about popular TV drama shown over a short period MINISERIES
Instrument cheers knight outside SITAR
Insufficient money for a rich biscuit SHORTBREAD
Lingerie item near item worn under a collar NIGHTIE
Outlaw died in gang BAND
Parrot in part of London house ECHO
Person used in musical piece forgetting number’s opening CATSPAW
Photograph game killed by a rifle, perhaps SNAPSHOT
Pope not travelling in this type of vehicle? OPENTOP
Ruler exercises right during more rioting EMPEROR
Servant, male help MAID
Some inhabiting other block INGOT
Stealthily moving around her own plot, nervously ONTHEPROWL
Study problem with partner, supremely skilled CONSUMMATE
Suffer, strange to relate TOLERATE
Teatime treat that’s exceptionally fine CRACKER
Theatrical term defined by old coach, retired STAGELEFT
Travel by car from Palermo to Rome MOTOR
Was Greek character’s husband spiteful? WASPISH
Wife dropped from golf club side EDGE
Wilhelm’s OK after port wine? RIOJA