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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Building bases for discussion PREMISES
Casts off, crossing river for scraps SHREDS
Check flower for new life REINCARNATION
Credit almost consumed — cause a furore CREATE
Custodians or cooks pinching a case of red STEWARDS
Eat away, seeing bar in centre CORRODE
Fall back and soldiers leap off, surrounding son RELAPSE
Fires across bow of motor boats SMACKS
I may be a red, for example SETTER
Information about school of painting, say GENRE
Issues summit discuss regularly TOPICS
Landlord’s silence worried last of clientele LICENSEE
Languish in love? Get a teacher VEGETATE
Material confronting some surgeons? PLASTIC
Old pal from Paris stocking equipment for such art ORIGAMI
One caring about unfamiliarity IGNORANCE
One hurried to go up on board ship for drinks SIDECARS
Principled person’s haze about exam MORALIST
Private meal with no end of food INNER
Programme a religious leader and artist put on like this SOAPOPERA
Requirements of daughter employed in topless joints NEEDS
Seconds may be this tense IMPERFECT
Spell name to be kept in touch TRANCE
Team hiding under mother’s skirt MAXI
The top of carpet pile must be tacky CHEAP
Tissue-type full of fat? SUET
What to wear if changing gear in sandhills? DUNGAREES
Withdrew material prior to broadcast REPAIRED
Wonder about European crossing border for scam PYRAMIDSCHEME
Wrong about good job for marker SIGNPOST