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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Living’ undergarment clothing sweetheart’s body BREATHING
… adapting pine bed’s nails to make key INDISPENSABLE
… bishops perhaps after a final word AMEN
Archbishop’s cross about more ruddy … CROSIER
Avoid son, despite changes SIDESTEP
Bishop accepting first female objective becoming minister REVEREND
Bite, eating for instance, nut CASHEW
Bond part involves hell, occasionally RELATION
Breed’s first bird dog BEAGLE
Clear container maintained by record temperature DISTINCT
Climber is wariest scrambling round island WISTERIA
Contradict victory over European judge BELIEVE
Fancy outfit revealing bodice CORSET
Force of speech for the audience TORQUE
Gauche Tory leader pretends to welcome the French TACTLESS
Heartless sucker embracing former wife? That’s more sensual SEXIER
Hesitate then speak following good person STUTTER
Initially, person always taking regular old nook? PATRON
It’s rare to see Conservative in panic SCARCE
Pans left corroded on board SLATES
Prison rebel is turning reckless … IRRESPONSIBLE
Regrets holding Liberal principles RULES
Sailor’s plan to circle opening of the deep ABSTRUSE
Settled, one’s nourished keeping middle of insides full SATISFIED
Six-footer’s since ruined front of trousers INSECT
Slumber party on boat? DOSS
Sporty cyclist’s end in ethical upset ATHLETIC
Take part in eleven, team fixture EVENT
This compiler’s exercise does, oddly, hinder IMPEDE
What’s used to hold bloomers up? TRELLIS