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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
3R for instance will get this textbook PRIMER
Abandon hot place noted for its rats DESERT
Arab in conflict? WARHORSE
Bert is gloomy — medical expert sorts that out EMBRYOLOGIST
Chasm making female pull up GULF
Church musician, one who shouldn’t be playing? RINGER
Daughter, see, saving a bit of money in proper fashion DECENTLY
Demeanour of a bishop, one enthralled by experimental composer CARRIAGE
Difficult conflict ending with unreliable equipment HARDWARE
Distinguished man has house in which to entertain Her Majesty HERO
Feature of climate has artist getting home before autumn RAINFALL
Fifty had a meal past normal bedtime? LATE
Fleet Street area friend keeping still or showing great delight? ECSTATICALLY
French plane I ditched in river AVON
Gloomy sailor going to doctor DRAB
Greek party with king or queen in charge DORIC
Having multiple involvement, except for a small bit SHRED
Image of trendy company included ICON
Miss out as captain SKIP
Polish match official in trouble ultimately REFINE
Protected with weapons, having to guard old biblical city ARMOURED
Raiders for years on the rampage FORAYERS
Ran campaign — gangs helped, becoming audible CRUSADED
Record held by player, e.g., is terrific REGISTER
Something uttered by minister is clever, devious VERSICLE
State of America — is it wavering, wobbling? WESTVIRGINIA
Story from the past about small fuss involving Conservative REMINISCENCE
Unfortunately a pest will eat little plant SWEETPEA
What makes man worry regularly, being amiss AWRY
Writer’s lowest point, upsetting after famous novel SHERIDAN