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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
American politician? STATESMAN
Animal kept in Blenheim Palace IMPALA
Assistant’s strange idea on leave AIDEDECAMP
Attractive cast acting with me MAGNETIC
Avoid some problem — John Wayne invariably managed to do it DODGEABULLET
Batter vegetable according to the radio BEAT
Broadcast teaches one to leave before operation TRANSMISSION
Depression on River Plate DENTURE
Distortion in sound response FEEDBACK
Flood in French part of the Middle East? ENGULF
Founder that’s normally given a plug SINK
Host’s mad when bishop leaves ARMY
In pursuit of small bear in Cologne AFTERSHAVE
Insult team playing with time nearly up LASTMINUTE
Like two graduates in part of America ALABAMA
Make drunk brew a beer in it INEBRIATE
Mike cannot let out somebody who’s unhappy MALCONTENT
Mostly chicken gangland boss CAPO
Person complaining Lisa’s often behind this, outspokenly MOANER
Persuade mixed-up novice to pen new chapter CONVINCE
Pound, perhaps, for old book EZRA
Prisoner in China INMATE
Report from suburban GP BANG
Say what captain might do to end innings DECLARE
Sharp answer by detectives ACID
Something to eat caught by Windermere maybe, not using line CAKE
Staff includes great lecturer on international language MACEDONIAN
Tradesman after golf not as hardworking GLAZIER
Upset a model during PR for film award PALMEDOR
What might make a fool somebody unwanted GOOSEBERRY