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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Annoying prince at home? Good HARRYING
Benefit for female with sex appeal PROFIT
Certain sailor with stringed instrument below in case ABSOLUTE
Certain to cut bottom __ put on plaster in resignation SURRENDER
Closely spaced poles in river DENSE
Count mackerel you caught RELY
Cowboy might hold one woman with nothing on LASSO
Doctor strict here __ one leaves on this? STRETCHER
Ferries go off carrying new people from abroad? FOREIGNERS
Find large Mexican pancake flipping excellent at first LOCATE
Learning it? A dunce unfortunately retains nothing EDUCATION
Lively theatrical performance by university in Florida PLAYFUL
Looking for Neptune, by the sound of it SEEKING
Mainly large ice’s shifting to make these GLACIERS
Make a note of following Conservative __ one’s likely to put one’s foot in it CLOG
Most effortless snooze, ultimately? Sleep back to front EASIEST
Old dog biting Charlie? Result! OCCUR
Opening batting, stepped with gusto out of rear of pavilion INTRODUCTION
Put up with belly STOMACH
Reluctant to ignore learner’s swear-word OATH
Shape country STATE
Small insect __ it’s amazing for biologists, perhaps SCIENTISTS
Strong Greek holding shelves evenly ATHLETIC
This could create slip-up from pupils coming home RETURNING
Type of jazz __ it is entertaining on conventions TRADITIONS
Vehicle for hire turning up at times on island TAXI
Welcome suitable clothing __ cold church ACCEPT
What follows launch of a perfume? ASCENT
What one might be for life? IMPRISONED
Where one might find 13 lorries? A boat at sea LABORATORIES