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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
A & E charge to mix in air AERATE
A sharp intake of breath when pinched by doctor GASP
Another male full of hot air THERMAL
Attempt to cover new dilemma BIND
Back inside declare a recess REAR
Change of rule due to pact being renegotiated COUPDETAT
Complain, having to set table BLEAT
Cooks with spices (hot, not cold) getting runs HURRIES
Criminal is dapper in trousers DRAINPIPES
Dead calm at last in centre NUMB
Errors concerned with places of interest OVERSIGHTS
Film company boss found on moon STUDIO
Hat found in dark room, oddly SOMBRERO
Knack required on check for input device TOUCHSCREEN
Material that hurt in revealing TOWELLING
Mature group in the van, dressing BANDAGE
Nice surprise found on one’s English paper TREATISE
Primate seeing flower-seller without protection! LORIS
Quiet, more left-wing item of office equipment SHREDDER
Rule a fund out — investment ultimately crooked Fraudulent
Sensible and practical — not death row rioting DOWNTOEARTH
Shrink grabs bar, tense — time’s up here CLOCKTOWER
Signs up, excited about husband getting such helicopters GUNSHIPS
Small disgusting tailless insect WEEVIL
Sources of hope and inspiration in fresh salad plants DAHLIAS
Tips men off about American coin defects IMPEDIMENTS
Travelling salesman’s back before one, sorry with no hotel PERIPATETIC
What might allow poor setter to become qualified? RETEST