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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Alcohol taster, we hear? LIQUOR
Awesome trim NEAT
Bend tree that’s lacking length ARCH
Bowlers the tops? SPINNERS
Chest in which devil locks preacher, ultimately BREAST
Dash of milk goes in to make a meal CREAMTEA
Death etc portrayed finally in destruction of star actor TAROTCARDS
Discussed money for old instrument LUTE
False witness found entering Mali, arrested LIAR
Firstly, every day I’m trying to change EDIT
Green tin I’d stirred, food added INGREDIENT
In Urdu oddly, map showing hilly area UPLAND
Jazz singing that’s musical, back to front SCAT
Love a swimmer appearing stupid OAFISH
None but the elite runners break a leg ALLTHEBEST
Number of passes in test OK, case under review SEASONTICKET
Pudding to partake of, fragrant thing AFTERSHAVE
Reptile burying head of prey in the earth TERRAPIN
Right time to regret TRUE
Saddened by failure, released from employment? DISAPPOINTED
Singers incorporating a thousand quavers TREMBLES
Sky is where it is, for pity’s sake! HEAVENSABOVE
Struggled to get words out when rushed to grasp line, say SPLUTTERED
That woman had somewhere to keep garden tools SHED
Traditional dish — price regularly on the house? COTTAGEPIE
Two animals in willow on the field? CRICKETBAT
US state was riveting, I gathered WESTVIRGINIA
Work’s nifty after breaking for a short rest FORTYWINKS