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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 31 2018

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Clues Answers
A mistake, having sauce in drink SLIPUP
Among relations? Find the dog hiding here MONGREL
Another identity unfortunately trapping one ALIAS
Bill and Edward crossing Greek island will get waylaid ACCOSTED
Country not entirely generous about immigration originally LIBERIA
Craft of Conservative, one to be consulted? CORACLE
Each, coming in refreshed, settled in a new place RESEATED
Gentleman being heard, nasty and obsequious SERVILE
Girl and donkey featured in story LASSIE
Is Rev. a control freak? It’s debatable CONTROVERSIAL
Location of silly pal sitting on glue PLACEMENT
Loftiness of silly undergrad Oxford finally got rid of GRANDEUR
Maybe having bags to reuse, mostly — otherwise not green! TROUSERED
Motorway accident has hospital in confusion MISHMASH
Obtained legal document to restrict half the competitors DERIVED
One half of a field — there’s no cover here ONSIDE
One looking for something cheap, but unearthing rubbish BARGAINHUNTER
Outside that place see boy being thrashed LATHERED
Plant in trouble had fallen over DAHLIA
Reduces speed in thickets BRAKES
Reliable output from loudspeaker SOUND
Resident the German entertains abundantly DWELLER
Revolutionary material about Argentinian leader PERON
Some French anger and longing DESIRE
Store at home with film material STOCKINET
Sudden movement of operator not getting on SURGE
Supreme, but lacking chance to compete against opposition MATCHLESS
This person getting at leader is a fool MEATHEAD