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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Fairy that’s seen on the ice? PUCK
Flabbergasted getting a direction to join scrum AWESTRUCK
Hip operation that’s not free INUSE
Imagined meal irked criminal DREAMLIKE
Impossible to feel limber with piece rewritten about gym IMPERCEPTIBLE
Keen artist recalled depression ARDENT
Kidnap sailor on canal ABDUCT
Lock up mature Conservative first CAGE
Mercenary friend runs deli, ultimately, with celebrity in charge MATERIALISTIC
More rum for foreigner STRANGER
Note job’s somewhere underground, reportedly POSTSCRIPT
Nurse about to enter vehicle CARER
One criticising tat played by famous clarinettist? ATTACKER
Part in epic shot by European PIECE
Clues Answers
Pleasant stroll around Iowa AMIABLE
Prisoner stupid to maintain corruption CONTAMINATION
Quarrel over French sea shanty? One’s dealing with rubbish SCRAPMERCHANT
Simple copper perhaps uncovered nark before Yard ELEMENTARY
Somebody bad at bridge … and online? TROLL
Sport news: genuine backing for person coming second RUNNERUP
Struggling actors get to keep ace clothes GREATCOATS
The Queen and bishop overwhelmed by Welsh girl’s language SERBIAN
Tip-off that might lead to squares being populated? CLUE
Try an old broken boat GONDOLA
Unhappy about new beach SAND
Waste long time in prison DUNGEON
Weapon used in trap with fine result? RADARGUN
Write down rubbish ape recited DEPRECIATE