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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Bad, if one turns out to be genuine BONAFIDE
Bar in Cricket Club records intellectual CLEVERCLOGS
Brown backed first person in such a colony NUDIST
Careless mistake with wearing shoes SLIPSHOD
Crucial — and Kitty has the last word, with story unfinished FUNDAMENTAL
Detected rising attitudes one shows NOSED
Dictionary (American) incorporating one page for this complex character OEDIPUS
Fail to be moved, finding means of salvation LIFEBOAT
Finally docked to get a book of charts ATLAS
Fundamental degree (intentionally so) BASIC
Go off with dog and escape TURNTAIL
Greek island area with small pastries SAMOSAS
Idle as credit gone TICKOVER
Infection prominent during past years STYE
Insult a naturopath, pinching eastern leader’s wife SULTANA
Clues Answers
Neat sign designed for perennials GENTIANS
Opening bars — popular with half of troops INTRO
Praises army officers after cut back EXALTS
Shows off apartments housing a Parisian FLAUNTS
Some drinks and a single shot ROUND
Suffering at home, with company INFIRM
Suggests prisoners should swallow note INTIMATES
Tacky substances he’s found in adult nightclubs ADHESIVES
Tasteful number without a name? AESTHETIC
Tempted, but left university looking embarrassed LURED
The sort of grouping that’s not expensive, with duty to replace European Commission TAXONOMIC
Tried very hard to wander, by the way STROVE
Warms up, removing top for food EATS
Weather that sees artist in decline RAINFALL
Weather when fish will take line and bite? COLDSNAP