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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 100,010 – Dec 25 2018

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Clues Answers
At one’s office, bought gold bar? INGOT
Capture bear TAKE
Cause of expert calling PROVOCATION
Complaint made by each girl left out EARACHE
Deficit in accounts solicitor raised LOSS
Exact copy in parcel I unwrapped REPLICA
Give a reason for former partner lacking beauty EXPLAIN
Goes round introducing religious books to classes ROTATES
I say nothing EGO
In attendance, holding papers for chief executive PRESIDENT
Irritable about doctor cutting in giving evidence TESTIMONY
Love quiet American work OPUS
Luminary on a spree, stupidly consuming gallons PERSONAGE
Move in explosive missile TRIDENT
Naval officer fine abridged book omitted ADMIRAL
One giving treatment to the OAPs affected OSTEOPATH
Privy to special information? No, we think otherwise INTHEKNOW
Record tango, then copy TAPE
Ring a theatre company about ‘Carmen’, for example OPERA
Royal Highness, old Greek character RHO
See chess piece, rook, taken by one __ first of castles BISHOPRIC
Small unfeeling quarrelsome woman of old? SCOLD
Smart carrying it, to avoid becoming an easy target SITTINGDUCK
Sobriquet of English ambassador entertained by former PM EPITHET
Sound choice, it’s said PLUMB
Spicy sausage: condiment on top of it PEPPERONI
Tackle crack soldiers in heart of ghetto EQUIPMENT
Tired clothes ending in laundry WEARY
Traveller having brandy before start of online game MARCOPOLO
Unforeseen difficulty of Italian female wearing shroud PITFALL
Wind, and so on, battered a national park SNOWDONIA
Worried about vessel UBOAT