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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,926 – Dec 19 2018

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Clues Answers
An all-rounder’s chance is here, no matter what happens INANYEVENT
Arrival of express after a day ADVENT
Artist volunteers to eat one side order RAITA
Body language revealing Nobel prize winner DYLAN
Classified source of energy found in new crop test TOPSECRET
Conned crossing threshold, conflicted DIVERGED
Create a diversion in harbour ENTERTAIN
European in motion to accept English court is optional ELECTIVE
Extract from essay on a race so long? SAYONARA
Fancying and cooking stew with one SWEETON
Fighter freed irregular, almost capturing student GUERRILLA
Furious tabloid in terrible need ENRAGED
Graduate teacher’s furniture items? BEDS
Hard coat produced by processing cast iron unit INCRUSTATION
Hobby that’s hip, possibly in the recent past PHILATELY
Homer’s expression, holding onto son for money DOSH
Love stay in Scotland — such colour OLIVE
Mark felt differently, always suffering from this SCARLETFEVER
Off colour, playing football? REDCARD
Runs from moaner on board ship SCARPERS
Sink fuel container SCUTTLE
Spirit present initially in busy street musicians TRUMPETERS
Stick around at home for the dog CANINE
Suffers after runs and horizontal bars RAILS
The point of African optimism CAPEOFGOODHOPE
This one’s off before reckless party THRASH
What in Madrid coming after university is incomparable UNIQUE
Work in the theatre, creating an appearance PLASTICSURGERY