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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,927 – Dec 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Appreciate eastern Cornwall town’s biscuits DIGESTIVES
Certain hoop inside a bustle getting misshapen ABSOLUTE
Clandestine groups entering unknown into vaults SPYRINGS
Cleaned quietly inside vehicle MOPPED
Climbing in automobile, silver and gold, to go up country NICARAGUA
Common pal never dances tango PREVALENT
Consider overwhelming Spain in marine attack SEEABOUT
Glimpsing first bit of gunk beside piercing GLANCING
Got on space vessel within berth EMBARKED
Heading off fraud suspect with entry ticket DAYRETURN
Indulgence consumed by major gymnast ORGY
Let on what poacher handing out freebies did GAVETHEGAMEAWAY
Long time wound up with former lover to begin with EXTENDED
Maybe trainer announced requirement to make profiteroles CHOUX
Modern mobile few in England ordered NEWFANGLED
Moving down river, overseas on boat, perhaps ABOARD
Near rush to imbibe whiskey, that’s habit of one retiring NIGHTWEAR
On-line business boss bringing in nothing after October is upset DOTCOM
Sea creature is a food with shell on back TUNA
Short boy who asked for more fruit OLIVE
Sloppiness from the French kiss, one totally discontented LAXITY
Something happening in square that’s close EVENT
Stroke in slow movement CRAWL
Swordsman runs after handler of stolen goods FENCER
Trashy clubs girl in Putney regularly ignored UNCLASSY
Trim left side of boundary to make another EDGE
Unceremonious over leaving playing area CURT
Want expensive threads, leaving studies aside DEARTH
Work in a sty, I’d fancy there’s no worse place DYSTOPIA