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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,928 – Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
& 7 Down Holy Land hit they’ve arranged for something festive to sing THEHOLLY
‘Cook me a steak’, husband interjected. ‘Hurry up!’ MAKEHASTE
Animal fashioned by clay-worker without head OTTER
Appreciate loch in depiction LIKENESS
Big noise at university, Oxford’s No. 5 rower UPROAR
Card that has a cutting edge SPADE
Christmas pudding maybe with hair turning up DESSERT
Church occasion? A bishop and I may be entertained by ancient priest MARRIAGE
City house with French art showing parrots ECHOES
Container inverted over many a pantomime character BUTTONS
Contribute to ding-dong and stir the memory RINGABELL
Discern unhappy girl kept at home CINDERS
Dramatic performance making one gasp in time? The opposite! PAGEANT
Grand guide, one exuding enthusiasm GUSHER
Group of believers manifesting Oedipus complex OPUSDEI
Having excessive girth, concealed by robe seemingly OBESE
In harmony, lacking a yen to be avaricious GREEDY
Joining senior in chorus SOLDERING
Like family members, very happy after end of supper RELATED
Most flavoursome champagne substitute revealed in experiment TASTIEST
Plant that is trodden on by sheep RAMIE
Practise act prior to lucky-dip grab GETONESHANDIN
Process when spirit is released? I’d bet demonism is involved DISEMBODIMENT
Report from shed outside Cheltenham? DISPATCH
Reserve card for a group of readers BOOKCLUB
See 23 Across ANDTHEIVY
Sheets for egg producers LAYERS
Tricky situation — my tie’s getting loosened STYMIE