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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,932 – Dec 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Acceptance of right overwhelming upset constituent RECEIPT
Big top’s raised covering debts SPACIOUS
Broadcast from top group AIRING
Cane rotter with birch? RATTAN
Clothing minus uniform for travelling incognito initially MUFTI
Cold church houses habit support CRUTCH
Conflict with desperate sweetheart about droop DISAGREE
Deny United tie voided by match official REFUTE
Dirty horrid European in sack BEGRIMED
Display label on a revolting slaughterhouse ABATTOIR
English love sailor climbing some rigging RATLINE
It’s almost noon, soon NEARLY
Little tense before Queen gets severe BITTER
Moved from left embracing leader of Conservatives EXCITED
New drink lifts spirit ELAN
Old lady’s scraps for man’s best friends? MASTIFFS
One audibly snaps round end of suspender GARTER
One tries food employing ordinary kitchen appliance TOASTER
Peel lacier bra off, precious! IRREPLACEABLE
Perfect voice UTTER
Projectile shot is short flash BALLISTIC
Quiet, more left-wing one destroys paper SHREDDER
Routine play with penalty taken outside PRACTICE
Short old cock gutted in farmyard enclosure STOCKY
Spouts tripe about eclipse OUTSTRIP
Struggle to suppress black feeling VIBE
Subject of article not quite perused THREAD
This compiler’s reportedly composed approach IMPEND
Unusual seabird found in rural peat, flapping PRETERNATURAL
Word of warning introducing African republic’s structure FORMALISE