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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,933 – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Animal, look, chewing length of cloth GAZELLE
Any number hugged by show girl in seaside area MARINA
Blessed and married after salutation HALLOWED
Bloomer is what wise men became aware of STAROFBETHLEHEM
Captains bring fish aboard ship SKIPPERS
Chaps needing to take off remain troubled AIRMEN
Convey obvious message or depart in silence? GOWITHOUTSAYING
Course taken by some in parliament re-elected ENTREE
During this action one may have a change of heart ORGANTRANSPLANT
Enjoy what archaeologists do DIG
Extra money in box about to be hidden INCREASE
Floral decoration that is left upside down LEI
Herald rushed, went down for funny-sounding Oxford don FORETELL
Lady succeeded ultimately, having superior game DUCHESS
Line given audibly? CUE
Local jerk’s a daft drunk — will he do any job? JACKOFALLTRADES
Make a new assessment of what someone says? REMARK
New student and father somewhere in Surrey FRESHER
One expressing sorrow afterwards with soldiers getting buried LAMENTER
Princess good in Indian garment? Take a different view DISAGREE
Relations terribly insecure, having abandoned biblical city NIECES
Rushed party with madame initially unmethodical RANDOM
Sitting like a bird, right over egg — smart! ROOSTING
Small farmer in the old Arab territory YEOMAN
Soldier in a mess? No ORDERLY
Tool with chrome, odd bits flaking off HOE
Walked endlessly in plain territory STEPPE
Warbled with a lurch, not finishing drink SANGAREE