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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,938 – January 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Admit being unsettled with US venue STADIUM
Article is about a group of countries ASIA
Barely one month before drink with friend MARGINALLY
Circuitous flight? SPIRALSTAIRCASE
Command soldiers on base to capture Russian aeroplane from the south REGIME
Dejection from shoddy gear yours truly gained in cost reduction DISCOURAGEMENT
Delicate material sags more easily GOSSAMER
Everyone needs help answering question: are Douglas et al on mainland? (2,3,2,2,6) NOMANISANISLAND
Frenchman with scarf on rambling around island FRANCOIS
Get up when caught on object ASCEND
Join footballers setting up equipment for goals FASTEN
Lying low after Charlie gets rebuke CHIDING
Male in one card game showing restlessness IMPATIENCE
New article, about two pages on European mercantile vessel TEACLIPPER
Not totally pristine, current car MINI
Old flame, rich model EXAMPLE
Over European capital, note Japanese craft ORIGAMI
Personnel involved in opening of sea urchins and crustaceans SHRIMPS
Poet’s old verse on papers OVID
Roll in bistro’s terrible ROSTER
Second rat reported and more in order STRAIGHTER
Strongman Capes, perhaps, smothers head of torch that’s alight GETOFF
Suffered setback regarding drink and speed regularly taken RELAPSED
Take out tie DRAW
Take up gamble in one choice of roulette bet for important game DECIDER
That’s spoken greeting head HIGHNESS
Vacancies: fifty in financial institutions BLANKS
Words fail me, soap not a broadcast giving insightful advice PEARLSOFWISDOM