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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,939 – January 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Acting group, one kept in as punishment and reprimanded CASTIGATED
Alcoholic drink __ team will need transport SIDECAR
Artist with tricky class __ naughty boys? RASCALS
Aussie animals taking time to settle ROOST
Awfully nice, she is from an Asian country CHINESE
Buck perhaps wanting maiden __ or many maidens! HAREM
Child falling over ending in the ditch DIKE
Child finally restrained by troubled mother in Norwegian city TRONDHEIM
Copper is a good one who may wave his hands about? CONDUCTOR
Country activity very much associated with ancient dynasty FARMING
Craftsperson one mum and lad spotted at side of street STONEMASON
Fare always covers this zone AREA
Farm animal left to find cover COWL
Fellow in charge supporting rising celebrity FOREMAN
Football team with its colour becoming mucky MANURED
Goddess making a mister naughty ARTEMIS
Had a drink and complained audibly WINED
He’s abandoning hospital with leap, the one getting away ESCAPER
It certainly doesn’t sound like her sort of song HYMN
It’s excellent of the French to provide assistants AIDES
Little boy will sit in nearly all these seats THRONES
Monster in heap of straw getting at food COCKATRICE
Not stupid when collecting silver __ it is very popular ALLTHERAGE
Outstanding Christian organisation to depend on holy books SALIENT
Partner from Amsterdam? DUTCH
Religious woman that is seen joining saint in crowd PRIESTESS
Sage put out becomes aloof UPSTAGE
Set down cheap drink PLONK
Trees in curved formations by lake LARCHES
Tumble down the ski slopes maybe for teatime treat? SWISSROLL
Wanting lots of food __ no good being very thin! REEDY
What’s not entirely exciting a person who yawns? GAPER