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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,953 – January 21 2019

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Clues Answers
A leading orchestra too ALSO
A trek’s leader packing cross and lucky charm AMULET
Acquire leverage PURCHASE
At home, and abroad to some extent INAWAY
Bird’s loud — a large rook FALCON
Briefly declare American position STATUS
Cartoon character, American caretaker on staff SUPERMAN
Celebrities one should shame, being out of order HOUSEHOLDNAMES
Envoy, say, entering behind schedule LEGATE
Generally known matter, so pretence silly OPENSECRET
Keep cards close to chest after experience with the old man STANDPAT
Leader in soap opera POPE
Lose one’s nerve parking? Sadly I can PANIC
LSD (small quantity) in sweet ACIDDROP
Not busy on the house FREE
Passage in a play ultimately showing indifference APATHY
Prisoner initially quiet in cage in police station COPSHOP
Row over new material LINEN
Sack accountant heirs corrupted CASHIER
Sailor needing to achieve objective TARGET
Single man, composer, retired character BACHELOR
Socially crass female follower returned NAFF
Tabloid editor after right lead REDTOP
Track gates rattling — lass unsettled crossing street STARTINGSTALLS
TV detective on force, having broken ground rule, is sorry REMORSEFUL
Very important reviewer, a librettist originally CRITICAL
Wanting to lay hands on missing book LESS
Young person drinking litres in nightspot CLUB