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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,954 – January 22 2019

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Clues Answers
A report is in place for space station, perhaps SATELLITE
Animal — one encapsulated by extraordinary horn RHINO
Chief with volunteers in support MAINTAIN
Criticised a couple of males in sleigh SLAMMED
Departments send a subsidy back showing regret SADNESS
Ended nice novel, welcoming writer’s lack of bias INDEPENDENCE
Fantasising in day about a Chinese dynasty DREAMING
Female a distance away is enthralled FASCINATED
Greek character’s great with nothing on OMEGA
I’d pulled up small flower — catastrophe! DISASTER
Individual friend in my book PERSONALLY
Large, overpriced piano swapped for clarinet, ultimately EXTENSIVE
Little child with a large sum TOTAL
Locks cleaner in the bathroom? SHAMPOO
Mature people from America strangely lust after diamonds ADULTS
Northern big cat died after article’s published ANNOUNCED
One entering a party removing top in titillation — it creates a lot of buzz APIARY
Peels off outfits STRIPS
Promotes loans ADVANCES
Quiet Yorkshire town SETTLE
Relative to jeer at? Not at first AUNT
Reply from Greeks oddly ignored small body of water RESPOND
Running over before Saigon train’s off ORGANISATION
Sounds like expensive car parts ROLES
Specialist from Switzerland mostly pleasant in greenish-blue TECHNICAL
Stop heads of state trivialising every meeting STEM
Supported aunt and agreed changes GUARANTEED
The first man advanced and cuckoo retreated ADAM
Up-to-date Foreign Office details INFO
Very softly hugging feverish old gran — almost hard to take a picture PHOTOGRAPH