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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,955 – January 23 2019

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Clues Answers
A moan about stories making exceptions ANOMALIES
An idea, however tense THOUGHT
Animal that’s quiet around crowd SLOTH
Bad-tempered youth’s first after examination TESTY
Beat this dancing to rumba TAMBOUR
Brazil’s measure from leader — a star BOSSANOVA
Carbon test for marine life form CORAL
Charge for barrel of fruit recently stolen? GRAPESHOT
Desperate, as hopelessly exposes restaurant TEASHOP
Disinfects bad stain that is covering small spades SANITISES
Doctors offer these measures, accepting gain wrongly DIAGNOSES
Easy, no doubt, to take in a church council SYNOD
Famous stage ready for transformation around November LEGENDARY
Golfer’s row about golf TIGER
Hold back source of feed eaten by ruminants DEFER
Hooligan exchanging uniform for popular obsession THING
Improvised score SCRATCH
Leaves sweets for the audience DESERTS
Line for hotel in reserve? That’s cunning SLYNESS
Not working on films or derivatives OFFSHOOTS
Nothing in awards for noted producers OBOES
Peak journey across capital of Germany RIDGE
Places formerly used for burying pub arguments BARROWS
Plant area by home for a parasite HOSTA
Reduce stress on subordinate to compete UNDERPLAY
Reform Libor? Up to executive committee POLITBURO
Sport exponent’s foolish risk, imbued with ecstasy SKIER
Tory regularly involved in mass meeting will be treated thus ROYALLY
Transparency by nation must give an overwhelming victory LANDSLIDE
United taken over by horribly arrogant underwriter GUARANTOR
Ways of getting winning hands? MANICURES
Working fairs endlessly broadcasting ONAIR