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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,960 – January 29 2019

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Clues Answers
Birth that might take 3-5 days DELIVERY
Complain — the thing is …? OBJECT
Craving? Regularly gorge on ends of rye bread GREED
Description of friend holding gold plate PORTRAYAL
Eager to behead Welsh saint? AVID
Engineer Joe and me succeeded, creating rules REGIMES
Exchanges around whiskey and nuts CASHEWS
Fish break into chippy CARPENTER
Fools new in company, politician has surprised expression NINCOMPOOPS
Go over and back down again? RECAPITULATE
Good person, simple on reflection, loses temper? ERUPTS
Irritant that could make everyone strangely green ALLERGEN
Lone duck seen chasing Spanish sun SOLO
Main songs? They’re not heard by everybody ASIDES
Not the calculating type, instinctive about hesitation — and another? INNUMERATE
Observe detailed piece by art gallery SPECTATE
Ranged around park GARDEN
Samples guinea pigs TESTERS
Seat is prepared for rest of the afternoon? SIESTA
So horse, reportedly, that is right, gets wetter SOGGIER
Solve or create first of two clues occasionally SETTLE
Stuffed, some diners ate dinner SATED
Summary established after excavation DIGEST
The least dodgy sportspeople? ATHLETES
Things given by old boy before booze-ups OBSESSIONS
Unpredictably but properly entertaining start to rowboat race at sea PRECARIOUSLY
Violently hurt by quiet bird THRUSH