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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,962 – January 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Contrived incentive facing debts SPURIOUS
Copper seen with unusual poison CURARE
Cover dictation covering sentence VERDICT
Criminal given punishment is put inside CONFINED
Developing pear lies against this? ESPALIER
Enduring this compiler’s lesson? About time! IMMORTAL
Excludes heartily upset supporters BARS
Expert struggled taking day in the event PROVIDED
Guard of iron runs around edge FENDER
Honour of clan protecting outskirts of Uist TRIBUTE
Husband misbehaving? It’s certainly fishy! HERRING
Inside found hot, in loincloth DHOTI
Judge again almost calm imprisoning idiots REASSESS
Keen to be under canvas? INTENT
Lacking a preference, purchases Sun at first ABSENT
Lawman, quiet and strong, accepts rising heat SHERIFF
Man in command at Waterloo? STATIONMASTER
Mates with checkmate finally for match OPPOSE
Old lady’s up with bachelor for dance SAMBA
Passes over wild regions IGNORES
Producer of French chanteuse, good for promotion DESIGNER
Queen possibly concerned with prince? REGENT
Recording one assuming affair FILING
Rested and rose gripping large chopper RELAXED
Roadblock perhaps about to block pub outing BARRICADE
Rough diamonds in workplace OFFICE
Spellbound, inclined to support Republican RAPT
Striking and elegant but for pants UNFORGETTABLE
Tract contains essence of belief giving faith RELIGION
Weaving linen up as cape PENINSULA