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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,967 – February 6 2019

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Clues Answers
A second warning for delegate ASSIGN
An easy decision borne out with artist at home inside NOBRAINER
Broadcast story about northern company supplying transport AIRLINE
Count on this support mostly in Australia ABACUS
Country that’s deemed a failure in America TURKEY
County girl supporting academic type with energy DONEGAL
Dirty old book on drama OBSCENE
Disastrous ruse mostly plating silver TRAGIC
Dog found Jack buried in Northern Ireland BASENJI
Father’s not so much at home — it’s easy PAINLESS
Feature of weather most — or many — must welcome STORM
France falls behind fashionable joint leader of fleet FLAGSHIP
Grub from India and area south of Greek island SAMOSA
Having no money there and terribly overwhelmed with sadness BROKENHEARTED
Heartless roué never changed, and died being worthy of respect REVEREND
Highlight issue after scam being the result of arson CONFLAGRATION
Learned due date must be adjusted to accommodate Conservative EDUCATED
Lively spot — must be about right SPRY
Peanuts and bread – oddly niche PITTANCE
Problem of boss with a cook finishing early HEADACHE
Row about one’s happiness PARADISE
Run from student in charge FLEE
Runs away beginning to suspect drubbings ROUTS
Settling on gin, eager to be drunk AGREEING
The nerve! Russian chap with time to play around GALLIVANT
Thick cloth skein produced with no end of bleach CLOSEKNIT
Top of granary loaf must be a shiny coating GLAZE
Try new offer and wait, ultimately EFFORT
Turn to her, upset, to find direction TRUENORTH
Weight if spring is seen to start late OUNCE