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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,975 – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A foreign fellow approaching, not the first character to be rude UNMANNERLY
After study I will get crushed and belittled DENIGRATED
Bear trapped in river flood DELUGE
Beastly home in Dorset town SETT
Bosses releasing man misbehaving LINEMANAGERS
Character of body part KIDNEY
Comprehensive booing hard to absorb CATCHALL
Crazy travels to the west creating shock STUN
Diplomatic move of Parisian — took steps, getting cut short DEMARCHE
Disease making one cause to lean back YAWS
Fellow children being looked after — they show fear COWARDS
Frank, taking seat, disturbed those awaiting interview? CANDIDATES
Hold back soldiers with muscle injury RESTRAIN
I would, shortly, being heard and looked at EYED
Keep going as one leaving after everyone else LASTOUT
Knight with lots, not complete idiot NOODLE
Maiden in state of collapse thinking RUMINATION
Muttered brief report of mother’s injury MUMBLED
Not in policy plan OUTLINE
Penny is such a one! MONETARYUNIT
Pity — he nods off in a trance! HYPNOTISED
Raid isn’t wrong — time to be seizing property legally DISTRAINT
Rendering holy greeting when meeting extreme group? HALLOWING
Seat with front falling off — could this help fix it? TOOL
Smug company male wanting position not contracted COMPLACENT
Spy in relationship BOND
Tactical unit, reportedly essential element CORE
Thin goo, no end of it SLIM
Unconventional lady rent with passion ARDENTLY
Woman who was beautiful, ace, capital! HELENA