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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,981 – February 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Adrian is travelling around island SARDINIA
Archangel playing a harp well, having lost wings! RAPHAEL
Bananas aren’t nice — you want this fruit NECTARINE
Become embarrassed like an unfortunate matador? GORED
Building very warm reduced energy bill finally HOTEL
Cash pool I demolish ultimately on a spree? SHOPAHOLIC
Cleric, one about to divide church, creating split CREVICE
Collapse of accommodation when river swamps it DEFLATE
Copper and army officer in unorthodox organisation CULT
Crime involving artist being magnanimous LIBERAL
Financial dealer needing pounds has krona converted LOANSHARK
Group of animals went under water crossing river DROVE
Hebrew character wants drink with a measure of acidity ALEPH
Hospital with more wind coming through becomes more frightening HAIRIER
Island country cheerlessly reorganised with king deposed SEYCHELLES
Loud and disorderly sinner isn’t this FLAWLESS
Material used with hesitation by politician in performance REPERTORY
Noise of laughter drowning performer’s last bit CRACKLE
Page about walk — the first thing one reads? PREAMBLE
Piece of wood used on Indians primarily as instrument of punishment LATHI
Place of rest — was first to admit something wrong, being afflicted BEDEVILLED
Priest is out to stop make-believe PRETEND
Put back in control on business counter REINSTALL
Sailor in violent rain in French sea MARINER
Scent — first thing noticed in the bar TRAIL
Seen in Perth, an English baron once THANE
Space traveller who headed a religious 29 MOON
Struggling Tommy or Gen. or FM? MONTGOMERY
Teams without leader getting day in Rome IDES
That woman and daughter in crowd HERD
The thing about bargain is coming from wishful thinker IDEALIST
Very big vehicle as an academy’s prize OSCAR