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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,984 – February 26 2019

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
‘Accio Pint!’ cooked up, with one about to leave person doling out glasses OPTICIAN
… dim, initially boring, Shakespearean character BLEAR
… Edward providing glacial material for building? EDIFICE
24-hour hallucinations or hopeful aspirations? DAYDREAMS
A number rule the roost, to some extent ETHER
Absolute ruler in temper, originally EMPEROR
Beg to go first after parking PLEAD
Change coaches with one leaving behind time TRANSLATE
City that’s dull — it may get wet after a shower BATHMAT
Conservative given a long time in prisons CAGES
Dog that’s more like Terence? TERRIER
Essentially sharp about appearing in motoring event RADICALLY
Flag displayed next to short girl — a flag! SALTIRE
Geordie mate gets a place in the mountains … NEPAL
Harassed press for introducing old don? PROFESSOR
Inhabitants of planet getting listening device, then trapping leader of Martians EARTHMEN
It can locate things in the dark or fog, either way RADAR
Large-scale place to live, needing half of great wealth HOMERIC
Much too theatrical: buck up you old … STAGEY
Nervous — and imperfect, perhaps? TENSE
Observer’s a weekly publication SPECTATOR
Pal can tip off one looking for a job APPLICANT
Pulled out of contest that’s marked SCRATCHED
Second Reagan in charge? That’s stupid MORONIC
Show organiser putting scoundrel on a high spot CURATOR
Slick sergeant-major facing soldiers SMARMY
Something to savour: the setter attending a dance MEATBALL
Tangier confused North American: it’s in South America ARGENTINA
This should be the very solution that you enter ANSWER
Went quickly back, made an assessment and told a story NARRATED
Write about a male water bird PEAHEN
You could see this on a cake in the freezer? ICING