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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,985 – February 27 2019

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Clues Answers
A seabird seen in advertisement for a lift PATERNOSTER
Come round to describe museum’s material RELEVANT
Contemplate missing first of these once will be moderate MEDIATE
Drug counter snapped on universal charge BARBITURATE
Equity is one such idea on turn, disturbingly TRADEUNION
Floating leaf left daily upset about pressure LILYPAD
Freezing from anaesthetic in general? ICING
Fruit that’s no good to be eaten by Chinese leader MANGO
German trader’s oft repeated stock phrase? MANTRA
Irritating new air base must secure victory ABRASIVE
Letters seeing job secure? POSTBAG
Manipulate American capital in Europe RIGA
Orderly approach needing time for leader of remainers NEAT
Pays off one pound during evening shifts LIQUIDATES
Pittance made from comic strip PEANUTS
Powerful and dynamic, he got China worried HIGHOCTANE
Provide cover for quiet house in province UPHOLSTER
Reshuffled cabinet’s URL is difficult to understand INSCRUTABLE
Run in rain PELT
Shortness of supply of organised trips, say SPARSITY
Spain alerted to change after last month and slowed down Decelerated
Speak at length about right to develop SPROUT
Stumps politician taken in by endless nonsense TRAMPS
Thing of beauty initially on meeting OBSESSION
Unpopular international in obvious hospital case OUTPATIENT
Uses dispatches to seize power SPENDS
Victory — before Germany just beat European airline WINDPIPE
Who mostly takes in a son’s laundry? WASH