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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,991 – March 6 2019

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Clues Answers
A short hearing covering American nation AUSTRIA
Allowance from crown included in remit STIPEND
Cake or meal found in 75% of France once GATEAU
Comprehensive may be costly, needing tons for parking EXTENSIVE
Convenient being one up for review around harbour OPPORTUNE
Demanded a second look ultimately with journalist ASKED
Divine liquid offered by church singers after promoting one ICHOR
Edges in wearing shoes, being careless SLIPSHOD
Empire builders taking some from answer ROMANS
English low-fat cream ELITE
Fool declines credit DIPSTICK
Fruit produced from two trees PINEAPPLE
Grant immunity to former partner, mostly unoccupied EXEMPT
Grass over after graduate mob runs riot BAMBOO
Hover around poor diner being sociable FRIENDLY
Maintain power and propriety of manner PRESERVE
Name inscribed in heart — a bit of a looker CORNEA
Natural love and caring, oddly ORGANIC
One problem splitting thread is such illumination STRIPLIGHTING
Promise to go topless on a horse, and suddenly look cheerful LIGHTUP
Provide finance for track around the outskirts of Nimes SPONSOR
Reveals feature of prison holding English BARES
Running through reason for deadlock STICKINGPOINT
Settle comfortably in finest leather NESTLE
Shifting emphasis to keep time for companions on board SHIPMATES
Skill in construction of ‘Madonna carrying child’ MASONRY
Theory incorporating different line that’s charted to a degree ISOTHERM
Ultra-modern sort of green gathering speed SPACEAGE