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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,995 – March 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A game included in auction? Usually, but not always ASARULE
Before foremost of experts, cracked codes, I see DIOCESE
Bound to speak the truth, old biblical character about Ararat, ultimately ONOATH
Deceive bishop in the morning having first drop of lime in alcoholic drink BAMBOOZLE
Disciplined person’s skill during bridge SPARTAN
Extremely sorrowful, I leave Irish port SLIGO
Finished a dish of food PASTA
Fit men following behind TAILOR
Former lover, smooth and articulate EXPRESS
Gas ring not working — microwave finally employed NITROGEN
Hatred of a type AVERSION
Hunger of a pet in mine close to one APPETITE
Mixed alcoholic drink, a great disappointment SWIZZLE
Moderate batting, then field in heat QUALIFYINGROUND
One-piece garment bound to fit JUMPSUIT
Painter like Picasso, British, lives in style CUBIST
Perhaps remote flat — what may be used to gain access to it, initially? KEYPAD
Quantities increase when at the sides AMOUNTS
Rather small-minded Republican within PRETTY
Sensation caused by gallery acquiring original of ‘Sunflowers’ TASTE
Show disapproval of wood reportedly used in small shop BOUTIQUE
Sink container carrying coal? SCUTTLE
Stimulating drink? I could do with a lift PICKMEUP
Take care of Spooner’s dog — pointer TOODLEPIP
The best, some alternative literature ELITE
Try grabbing object with it TRENDY
Unwelcome intruder, slightly mad, I, at that time, locked in home CUCKOOINTHENEST
Working daily, in theory ONPAPER