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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,999 – March 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A sort of hollow — pram is awkward going over it ARMPIT
Appealed to umpire — not out! — start of debate thereafter IMPORTUNED
Belonging to firm, idiot in journey is hiding identity INCOGNITO
Children’s game is quiet before end of party ISPY
Cigarette end on bit of the mattress? BUTTON
Cold meat must be hygienic CLEAN
Cringe maybe as a cricketing failure DUCK
Descended from mountain maybe and became depressed GOTDOWN
Disorderly males in bus that cannot be overlooked UNMISSABLE
Equipment carried by wicked English group BRIGADE
Excluding from building in street, home with disease SHUTTINGOUT
From what we hear, disease was airborne FLEW
Gem fairy’s presented to Dorothy PERIDOT
Good antique? It’s very valuable GOLD
Like relatively cheaper goods not considered DISCOUNTED
Manage to include everybody and one could be an inspiration for poets CALLIOPE
Menial worker torments organisation DOGSBODY
One wild young fellow easily made money AFASTBUCK
Over-scrupulous activity of school nurse? NITPICKING
Perish, taking a route south of col PASSAWAY
Pilgrim’s passage, very short, a road so fouled up with oil VIADOLOROSA
Possibility of non-parents taking caring role with a daughter not wanted OPTION
Posting the first bit out and the last ENDING
Succeed for the first time, having cried desperately for so long ARRIVEDERCI
Sword inflicted wound on girl CUTLASS
Uproar is interrupting one terribly NOISE
What’s patriot done wrong to become exile? DEPORTATION
Work set up on benches, drinks being provided POTABLES