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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,004 – March 21 2019

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Clues Answers
A top hacker organised strike from Japan KARATECHOP
Appropriate investing fortune in the right military aircraft STEALTHBOMBER
Be involved, plastic destroys marine habitats OYSTERBEDS
Become red-faced running after felons CRIMSON
Behold king on the throne LOOK
Bully’s identification concealed by pal INTIMIDATE
Burn Dorothy’s nemesis, abandoning the West? ITCH
Cavalryman mounted donkey in turn to the side COSSACK
German man, a gem, enthusiastically covering staff organisation MANMANAGEMENT
Go on a path leading to decline TURNAWAY
Hiding upset at home, share out rejection DENIAL
Husband feeding dog endless grot, deep-fried food CHURRO
Immediate tension as aunt cooks INSTANTANEOUS
In freezing cold, the Parisian is graceful BALLETIC
In smug-faced fashion, lips upturned on royal SMIRKINGLY
Inn’s ingredient used for moussaka not popular AUBERGE
Mother of that woman pens line for composer MAHLER
One restricted by President, hard to gain success TRIUMPH
Reduced rustic wooden frame YOKE
Routine of dad playing with toy over a year DAYTODAY
Save and put ball back into play RESERVE
Stupid to cut short studies DENS
Sumptuous duck starters in pub until time of fasting OPULENT
Undoing curse, monarch’s saviour RESCUER
Wary guys edge, both half-cut, to cross a road GUARDED
Wish rack to be adapted for passenger vehicle RICKSHAW
Wrongly hear, and drum is sent — it’s rum! MISUNDERSTAND
Youngster actually gets name for capital of Chad INFANT