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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,005 – March 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Biblical land penetrated by princess from place across the Pond CANADIAN
Brightly coloured bird losing its tail FLAMING
Confession of mistake in football match may be related REFERRED
Endlessly applaud one in concert broadcast PROCLAIM
English politician restricted, having nothing more to offer EMPTIED
Eruption with head showing intemperance RASHNESS
European foundation opened by queen BASQUE
Fault with item in workshop VICE
Goes wild, losing head for a very long time AGES
Grotty old carriage parked outside B&B SHABBY
Gum to chew not consumed MASTIC
His anger comes out in judicial enquiries HEARINGS
Homeless types with boy going round collecting nuts NOMADS
Indicators of ancient mounds truncated at the front ARROWS
Interlude with silly utterances putting us off ENTRACTE
Long pin, being distorted, ends in the litter SKEWER
Lunatic getting upset over request to provide material DAMASK
Making noise about a top man after second bit of scandal CREAKING
Member cares about dangerous situation escalating ARMSRACE
Musical some Parisian brought back is having soothing effect SEDATIVE
New day in which revolutionary makes a comeback MODERN
Part of body with duty to store hard gold THORAX
Part of university group girl is kept outside FACULTY
Requirement for spectacles to be offered by game BRIDGE
SF film with US singer, one to impress ETCHER
Shopkeeper given abuse about supply potentially drying up? JEWELLER
Smell coming from Athens, maybe? Not good REEK
Some idiots ignore indicator SIGN
Very enthusiastic Greek god gets a look in ZEALOUS
William wanting summer in Paris had finally found accommodation BILLETED
Withdraw remedy REPAIR
Wrong to get rude, somehow making one distressed TORTURED