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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,007 – March 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Afternoon nap in cosiest armchair SIESTA
Assign vote, bishop not being present ALLOT
Commend power lift PRAISE
Deceive misbehaving kid at rear of queue, ultimately TAKEFORARIDE
Declare in favour of application PROCLAIM
Defiant words, likewise, at that place SOTHERE
Dig beneath platform UNDERSTAND
Dose may upset Siberian dog SAMOYED
Expecting relatives underfoot to go outside INTHEFAMILYWAY
Lesson in style CLASS
Level in competition? Not quite EVEN
Love extremely avid speech ADORATION
Lower oneself: dine out entertaining leader of gangsters DEIGN
Note about flex RECORD
Old fine, overdue recently OFLATE
One daughter in French region making fortune PROVIDENCE
One may get fed by the side of the road PARKINGMETER
Picture of ‘wise men’ feeding in East IMAGINE
Plans returning for canned meat SPAM
Play different charts SEPARATETABLES
Renegade given a job at end of debate APOSTATE
Respect at one time shown round base, current base OBEDIENCE
Rope in young woman, obliging initially LASSO
Seasonal gift of great geese almost cooked EASTEREGG
Start shielding learner driver beginning to turn red SCARLET
Troubadour Mrs let in, unwisely MINSTREL
Unhappy after climb cut back SCALEDOWN
Written work about border plant PRIMROSE