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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,011 – March 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A politician in church preached, becoming oily CAMPHORATED
Activists making gain excitedly embraced by people in tents CAMPAIGNERS
Agent has a share in process of putting things right again REPARATION
Big bird in Donegal flying with glee GOLDENEAGLE
Changed, being dull, given a time inside MUTATED
Characters inside home agreed to be miserly MEAGRE
Concise treaty COMPACT
Copper not entirely cross with you and me — a fluffy wet type? CUMULUS
Eastern relation going potty ORIENTAL
End of week with tot being given a fruit SATSUMA
Fault admitted by the German fellow lacking direction DRIFTER
Flow of water unfortunate, river infiltrating club MILLRACE
Greeting given to ruler on a walk HIKING
I half-read a little, sadly lacking education? ILLITERATE
Lark, partridge, pheasant …? GAME
Leader’s type to writhe in anguish DESPERATELY
Like some lorries lacking rear piece, say ARTICULATE
Little dogs outside home? They may be very pretty PINUPS
Look at dictator submerged in river EXAMINE
Mushroom — I will have it dunked in milky drink! SHIITAKE
Needed hospital facility, wasn’t well ENTAILED
Offer to look after Her Majesty TENDER
One who entertains a lot of people HOST
Out of breath decorating? Not I! PANTING
Second letter to the Corinthians BETA
Usefulness or uselessness with leader absent? UTILITY
Very good having miss to entertain you in ship’s compartment PILOTHOUSE
What’s served up in their breakfast? Cheese BRIE