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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,015 – April 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Absurd score — around 100 — for such a game SOCCER
Amount charged must include a court for training PRACTICE
Beggar working in tandem with head of charity MENDICANT
Commanding Officer captured by Attila ordered such a jacket TAILCOAT
Destiny of king is satisfied KISMET
English tombstone with line replacing one name as compensation EMOLUMENT
Hormone present in rampant Latino men? MELATONIN
Island republic a prince tours CAPRI
Job in the dark for an astronomer? NIGHTWATCHMAN
Look at soldiers and pull back REGARD
Look to include unusually bitter words to score LIBRETTO
Match score TALLY
Meanwhile at home, call about investments, initially INTERIM
Offended, being able to see across lake SLIGHTED
Old-fashioned chap having precedence is given authority MANDATED
One sheltering in canopy is more irritable TESTIER
Pet subject of experimentation GUINEAPIG
Pleasure trips must start late for these relations AUNTS
Posture adopted by coach? CARRIAGE
Prices of admission will include seating SOFA
Provides drama ignoring quiet lad LAYSON
Seize contents of limo and crush IMPOUND
Some oddly stuffing face must be miserable DISMAL
Squashes questions about 2 for example PUMPKINS
Stuff credit — a source of misery! CRAM
Tarantino line rewritten for test, perhaps INTERNATIONAL
Understands broadcast by mistress losing head abroad OVERSEAS
Useless writer held up by Italian INEPT
Water jump? SPRING
Weapon that’s free, wrapped in canvas TRIDENT