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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,016 – April 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Appropriate measure HALFINCH
Artistic movement from ballet’s lead absorbed in music playing CUBISM
Bet European gondolier uses one PUNTPOLE
Bird close to leftover cut loaf RHEA
British PM once coming up on Queen’s comms device BLEEPER
Brown vehicle male wrecked CARAMEL
Cases containing king’s underwear BOXERS
Control station and inspect part of railway CHECKPOINT
Cook’s good sieve GRIDDLE
Drink before leaving stone fort hero adventurer sampled ONEFORTHEROAD
Enthusiasm from old pub receiving award OOMPH
Fellow learner and I enthralled by professor’s instruments MANDOLINS
Grew old in captivity; about to be released AGED
Horse entrails around area which skiers might descend MOUNTAINSIDES
Island having one hundred and four bats CORFU
Look over island on river LOIRE
Misrepresented Edam: rare Dutch cheese MATURECHEDDAR
Mounted clip gripping fashionable garment TUNIC
Nest made untidy with hull, covering for seed NUTSHELL
Not finished in race crossing lake INCOMPLETE
One by piano in Titanic is unmoved IMPASSIVE
Poison boy consumed in Lebanon, sadly BELLADONNA
Primarily Andean civilisation new imperialists overturned INCA
Ran to lesson in school TORE
Slimy material — maybe, Astley’s verse LIMERICK
Start to leave seat, an item of furniture OTTOMAN
Upset from upside-down puddings I had DISTRESSED
Young lad one treated with respect PREADOLESCENT