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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,017 – April 5 2019

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Clues Answers
& 12 Down Dramatist getting theatrical award meeting film producer with big mug OSCAR
Bird awfully cagy needing to miss a trap CYGNET
Celebrity going round garden, ending in rockery, sitting down SEDENTARY
Chum in US prison who may correspond with a stranger? PENFRIEND
Contribution I pen, finally turning up on time INPUT
Designer of spreadsheet for pig farmer? STYLIST
English archdeacon at home — good time for putting feet up? EVENING
Evangelist fighting against atheism ultimately becomes half-hearted LUKEWARM
Fascinating group, including one ex-GI? RIVETING
Fashionable item of clothes with gold edge, potential moneymaker INVESTOR
Furthest little spot found in holiday? REMOTEST
Get painless in bed somehow — that’s essential INDISPENSABLE
Group on newspaper accounting for daily event SUNSET
Head may have this message prohibiting money announced BANDEAU
Little girl to clean dog? MOPPET
Meet the old man outside wild party being taken short! FORGATHER
Middle of field has thin tree EBONY
Military unit in district given new leader LEGION
New competitor in event ran terrifically ENTRANT
Perhaps butterfly chasers soon get lost — I’m sent out ENTOMOLOGISTS
Plans for plays? A censor is disturbed SCENARIOS
Rudest alien removed and made ineffective NEUTRALISED
Show public school journalist around DENOTE
Spinning round, I get angry, mad, losing energy GYRATING
Traveller in marketplace upset over limited parking TRAMP
Two females, old and unintelligent, set up position in field MIDOFF
Well-disposed, like a bank? INCLINED