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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,020 – April 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Arrest an oddball by river in Scottish town STRANRAER
Badger to support blue film DIRTYHARRY
Book two heartless and nameless men TOME
Cautious of vehicle with hybrid fuel CAREFUL
Cold drink for a person giving a hand CLAPPER
Donkey’s brother carrying guard occasionally BURRO
Draw a tiger’s head on paper ATTRACT
Exclusive Sun article at last SOLE
Face irate criminal in greasy spoon? CAFETERIA
Forgive old American in church EXCUSE
Guide finally locates that woman’s father SHERPA
It’s one on one? AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Journalist outside raves about small bags HAVERSACKS
One attacking adult perforates eardrum badly MARAUDER
Patron’s grumble about new performer BENEFACTOR
Plant president grew first ROSEBUSH
Point at head girl in a state NORTHCAROLINA
Quick to polish off whisky, possibly with dessert SHORTANDSWEET
React badly when witch enters ancient city CARTHAGE
Sharp, short account by papers ACID
Shock American like Mick or Keith? ASTONISH
Slogan backing bottomless clothes MOTTO
Some food is tantalisingly close? Far from it! DISTANT
Stupid son leaves nuts INANE
Telegraph initially published writer’s copy TRANSCRIBE
Tolerate sport WEAR
Trio mixing with EU purists in secret SURREPTITIOUS
Wrong to press down on English pastry TORTE