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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,029 – April 19 2019

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Clues Answers
A myth about maker of black cars costing reasonable amount AFFORDABLE
After heavy blow the fellow gets bandage SWATHE
Bird’s mode of transport RAIL
Card game is serious with trumps finally spent OMBRE
Easter working — about to be introduced, one’s suspected? ARRESTEE
Girl’s neat bed’s moved — and something else in same room? DRESSINGTABLE
Insect described as ‘short’ — it gets trapped TERMITE
Liking to have page introducing information book? PREFERENCE
Load being reported — hang about WAIT
Lodge a protest with hesitation, being more modest DEMURER
Most of the cheats making pounds THROBS
Perform in Devon river, darling EXECUTE
Pirate has me enthralled to some extent SMEE
Police officer crossing river to get round mysterious country area CROPCIRCLE
Regret about church offering frilly stuff RUCHE
Remaining series of deliveries deposited at the front LEFTOVER
Rubbish that you may see in pigsty? LITTER
Show respect meeting top lady in sanctuary BOWER
Some surreal fiend in film ALFIE
Son has sadly felt confined, needing to become assured SELFCONFIDENT
Speakers being sentimental, then almost brusque? TWEETERS
Talk that you may have at breakfast, say WAFFLE
Tap supplies daughter with drink DRUM
Thames travellers in straw hats? BOATERS
Torments produced by wickedness in small county BEDEVILS
What could be easily done with saw LAIDEYESON