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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,031 – April 22 2019

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Clues Answers
… skeletons, perhaps: British individuals BONES
A case of pins and needles? ETUI
Best wishes playing on an actor’s guilt CONGRATULATIONS
Bury somewhere between … INTER
Cleaning occasionally, odours can start to grow DUSTING
Consumes various types of flesh, but not the head EATS
Cries seeing husband leaving Hooters OWLS
Criticises cooking utensils PANS
Even I can show you a mythical monster! YETI
Famous shanty Don’s performing for ages AMONTHOFSUNDAYS
Food for those that have smoked — in bed? KIPPERS
Former partner greeting small part in show EXHIBIT
Game that’s put in an awkward position SNOOKER
Get actors inside to revise guidance for players STAGEDIRECTIONS
Gin, possibly part of a musician’s kit SNARE
Good clean food GRUB
Group discussing half … half of Lewis’s realm SEMINAR
Health resorts — heaven for one renowned on board SPASSKY
King standing over large Saxon juggling horns KLAXONS
Mind game? MARBLES
Needing a tipple following the second mostly scruffy place THIRSTY
Old safety clothing that could make me sweat MAEWEST
Party hosted by floor gymnasts ORGY
Punch: gallon served with mush in meal PLOUGHMANSLUNCH
Rested and modelled afresh REPOSED
Ring up and wait, we hear, for Potter’s equipment POOLCUE
Running away from pine log — that’s mad ELOPING
Small child’s slides SKIDS
Small drink for a baby TINYTOT
Smelly chap who tells bad jokes? PUNGENT
Smoker that’s upping the stakes? ETNA
The rest stay, embracing United RESIDUE