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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,038 – April 30 2019

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Clues Answers
24 other changes for musical group ORCHESTRA
A tingling sensation __ the start of hives? AITCH
Bundle of papers __ a folio with novel on top SHEAF
Calling the Queen after consideration CAREER
Change nothing and retreat, upsetting leader EDITORIAL
Decrease strength IRON
Favourable feminine expression FAIR
Fish by a lake __ perfect! IDEAL
Guess who’s his type, unfortunately __ not women HYPOTHESIS
Hospital department regulars from here all getting transport ENTHRAL
Houses beginning to cost too much? Wise man moving south COTTAGES
I’m cutting car’s approximate price ESTIMATE
In the dark, I travel around noon then deliver a tirade IGNORANT
Loose corset around a large American __ it moves up and down ESCALATOR
Mark someone’s card somewhat SCAR
Northern country’s left with disputed territory NOMANSLAND
Notice I intended to conceal Charlie’s weight SIGNIFICANCE
Number husband redeveloped, under 500 HUNDRED
On leaving jail, seized by certain shock SURPRISE
Opposes articles OBJECTS
Put one’s finger on one hole if that is ultimately required IDENTIFIED
Revolutionary eating vegetables? On the contrary: fruit PEACHES
Rotten place to travel lacking energy PUTRID
Rowed gently out of Portugal, confused ADDLED
Speck on outside of large jar JOLT
Still shelves weren’t fixed after wife leaves NEVERTHELESS
Striking supersonic travelling PERCUSSION
Tense and odd president, primarily? TRUMP
Troublemaker is after an impish time ANARCHIST
Victoria reputedly wasn’t such a person with creative influence on Germany AMUSED