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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,039 – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Antiguan arachnid will ensnare such a creature IGUANA
Anxiety produced by arrest APPREHENSION
Asked about theologian, the French take flight SKEDADDLE
Boring story about knight that shouldn’t be missed? DEADLINE
Bound to cross river feeling exhausted TIRED
Company time invested in developing unloved complex CONVOLUTED
Crests found on some game birds PARTRIDGES
Cut rate CLIP
Distinguished peer must accept cheers NOTABLE
Far from aloof DISTANT
Fix top of bedroom doorpost JAMB
Flirt’s heavy blow on broken hip PHILANDER
Flyer in East of Eden after storm RAVEN
Fresh carcass not inviolable SACROSANCT
Inclined to lose head, seeing money that’s earned outside prison PANICKY
Lack of grip shown by apprentice NOVICE
Limitations applied to son in Virgin getting financial control PURSESTRINGS
Lip needing pressure on a new kitchen item SAUCEPAN
Maintain there’s a lock on the way up ASSERT
Mental state induced by bedroom shenanigans? BOREDOM
Most pressing aspects of computer knowhow in monasteries PRIORITIES
Nap on this rug upsetting 6’s MATTRESS
Peeved about one worker’s breakfast? CROISSANT
Plant that’s disgusting mostly with crab, oddly YUCCA
Put into words seeing Romeo occupying stage PHRASE
Representation of one million years? IMAGE
Shelves trial in reserves BOOKCASES
The majority of what’s on the dust jacket is obscure BLUR
There’s time to accommodate the others REST
Work on Henman first — a cheerful type OPTIMIST